Town Hall, Ahmedabad

This multi-purpose hall with a seating capacity of 1200 people was built in the Art Deco style in the 1930’s, the time when there were no electrical facilities, as the first public meeting hall of Ahmedabad. The heritage building has been renovated time and again to keep abreast with changing times –to adjust to the new functions as a hall to conduct performances, seminars, etc. and to incorporate various facilities like acoustics, air-conditioning, electrical installations, etc.

The idea was to be absolutely true to the original Art Deco design concept and language in the renovation and to retain its architectural features and character while facilitating modern functions. A large charcoal grey metallic ring (62’dia.) floats at the level of the junction where the wall segments meet the dome; as a lighting element to enhance the domed space and the concentric nature of the building’s geometry with up-lights; and to provide general and stage lighting. The light flooding in from the glass bricks in the cupola further highlights the concentric nature of the building’s geometry and facilitates the use of sunlight/moonlight as a special effect. The selection of colours and materials has been done to stay true to the original Art Deco style.

“The idea was to not leave any fingerprint behind.” –Amala Shah